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Here you’ll find my:

OOAK sculpted cloth dolls, hand lettering & Illustration projects & watercolor work

If you’re interested in my doll patterns & tutorials, be sure to hop over to With Love, Hannah Doll Patterns & Crafts

You can also find me around the web – esp. love Instagram! So come & find me. I’d love to connect with you!





7 Totally Random Things about Me

  1. My mother coined my name from an Aunt Faye. We didn’t know it was a Greek name, Phaedra, until I learned about it at school. Oh boy, was that an embarrassing day in class.
  2. Ice cream is a food group – my 3 daughters totally agree with me
  3. I’ve moved around quite a bit – I’ve lived in the 3rd largest city in the US, as well as one of the smallest. I’ve lived in the middle of nowhere – meaning it was 2 miles to our mailbox & 2 ½ hours to any sizable store & then everywhere in between…BUT, I have a secret wish to have lived in the same house my entire life.
  4. I love having my own dairy animals – both cows & goats – but haven’t had either in several years…
  5. Last year, 2014, I was exactly twice the age of my eldest daughter…I don’t know why, but I loved that! It’s actually surreal since it seems she was born just a few years ago. I still remember what she smelled like when she was baby.
  6. I have this weird obsession about natural fibers, esp. wool – love to process it from its’ raw form, freshly shorn, spin it into yarn & then knit it! I love walking into my craft closet & smelling clean wool…weird, I know. My family does not understand it at all. They complain about the wool smell anytime I wash or dye it. Party poopers!
  7. When I was a tiny girl, I was determined to change my facial features – I was fascinated with all the different people of world & especially loved the facial features of different ethnic groups within the Asian & African cultures. I would stare in the mirror for long periods, pulling my eyes outward, trying to make eyes look more Asian. I thought the most beautiful eyes in the world belonged to the Asian people & I wanted them too! Also, at the same time, I tried to enlarge my lips by pursing them outward. My lips were way too small. I wanted the full lips I admired so much in the African people. The most beautiful mouths & smiles in the world belonged to the African people & I wanted a mouth like theirs. I’m not sure how I thought I could change those parts of my face, but I really did. At least this weird obsession was harmless… unlike the time I used my mother’s red nail polish on my lips to look like Wonder Woman’s shiny, bright red lips! Ha! Thankfully, I eventually decided the features I was born with were here to stay & was OK with it.


  1. Karla E Frizzelle

    December 7, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    I think you are precious my friend!!!

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