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How to Carve a Stamp on a Cork

How to Carve a Cork StampHand carved cork stamps are one of my favorite things to create textures and pretty pages for my journals & other paper art. To me, they are beautifully imperfect & I love the process of carving them. If you’ve never made a stamp before, these cork stamps are a fun project & do not require any special tools to make them. You really only need some sort of cutting tool, such as an exacto knife & a few corks from wine or champagne bottles. Hope this helps ya, in spite of the many times my camera lost focus. Sorry about that, ugh!

I’d love to see your cork stamps. πŸ™‚

Thanks for watching, y’all!

Make a Pretty Journal – It’s Quick & Easy Using Up-Cycled Materials

Make a junk journal with recycled materials & your own art - Fast & Easy!

Make a quick, budget-friendly, DIY journal with me for yourself or someone you love. Make it any size – as a stand alone journal or an insert for the ever popular, traveler’s style notebooks, using up-cycled papers. I’m making this one for myself, as an insert for my traveler’s style journal.

Your journal can be any size you like – from micro mini (super cute!) to large & coffee table bookish style. It’s your journal/book – make it with materials you love & a size that speaks to you. If it’s a gift, use materials that will float their boat. I use basic, everyday supplies for this journal. So, you can make it with things you probably already have hanging around your house.

This kind of journal is my favorite – junk journal style! I kept it super basic, so it’s perfect if you’re just getting your feet wet in journal making.

In this 3 part video, I detail the supplies I used and how I put it together. I’ll share my favorite paper to use for water media in journals, along with other stuff I hope you’ll find helpful. It’s kinda long – just under an hour, so you have been duly warned. πŸ™‚

If you’re wondering about common journal sizes, here ya go, thanks to Growing Up Goddess – (https://growingupgoddess.com/blogs/news/guide-to-travelers-notebook-sizes) She makes great printables for your journals, just sayin’ πŸ™‚

To make full-size pages for your junk journal, double the width, as the pages will be folded in half. So, for the large, cahier size journal I made in the video, my pages were 8.25″ tall by 10″ wide. But, break the rules, if you want. I prefer to use lots of different sized papers in my journals.

Large/Cahier – Slightly wider than the regular Midori size, but same height.

5β€³ x 8.25β€³
127 mm x 210 mm
Standard – The original Midori Traveler’s Notebook size

4.33β€³ x 8.25β€³
110 mm x 210 mm
Personal – Comparable to the personal size Filofax inserts

3.75β€³ x 6.75β€³
95 mm x 171 mm
A6 – Shorter but wider than the personal size

4.13β€³ x 5.83β€³
105 mm x 148 mm
Common Names: A6
Note: Many people use A6 to describe inserts that are exactly 4β€³ x 6β€³, but the exact measurements are listed above
Field Notes – Shorter and slightly narrower than the personal size

3.5β€³ x 5.5β€³
89 mm x 140 mm
Passport – Shorter than the Field Notes size but with the same width

3.5β€³ x 4.8β€³
89 mm x 122 mm
Common Names: Passport, Pocket, Small
Teeny Tiny – Shorter and narrower than Passport size

2.75″ x 4″
70 mm x 101 mm

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