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How to Carve a Stamp on a Cork

How to Carve a Cork StampHand carved cork stamps are one of my favorite things to create textures and pretty pages for my journals & other paper art. To me, they are beautifully imperfect & I love the process of carving them. If you’ve never made a stamp before, these cork stamps are a fun project & do not require any special tools to make them. You really only need some sort of cutting tool, such as an exacto knife & a few corks from wine or champagne bottles. Hope this helps ya, in spite of the many times my camera lost focus. Sorry about that, ugh!

I’d love to see your cork stamps. 🙂

Thanks for watching, y’all!

Make a Pretty Journal – It’s Quick & Easy Using Up-Cycled Materials

Make a junk journal with recycled materials & your own art - Fast & Easy!

Make a quick, budget-friendly, DIY journal with me for yourself or someone you love. Make it any size – as a stand alone journal or an insert for the ever popular, traveler’s style notebooks, using up-cycled papers. I’m making this one for myself, as an insert for my traveler’s style journal.

Your journal can be any size you like – from micro mini (super cute!) to large & coffee table bookish style. It’s your journal/book – make it with materials you love & a size that speaks to you. If it’s a gift, use materials that will float their boat. I use basic, everyday supplies for this journal. So, you can make it with things you probably already have hanging around your house.

This kind of journal is my favorite – junk journal style! I kept it super basic, so it’s perfect if you’re just getting your feet wet in journal making.

In this 3 part video, I detail the supplies I used and how I put it together. I’ll share my favorite paper to use for water media in journals, along with other stuff I hope you’ll find helpful. It’s kinda long – just under an hour, so you have been duly warned. 🙂

If you’re wondering about common journal sizes, here ya go, thanks to Growing Up Goddess – (https://growingupgoddess.com/blogs/news/guide-to-travelers-notebook-sizes) She makes great printables for your journals, just sayin’ 🙂

To make full-size pages for your junk journal, double the width, as the pages will be folded in half. So, for the large, cahier size journal I made in the video, my pages were 8.25″ tall by 10″ wide. But, break the rules, if you want. I prefer to use lots of different sized papers in my journals.

Large/Cahier – Slightly wider than the regular Midori size, but same height.

5″ x 8.25″
127 mm x 210 mm
Standard – The original Midori Traveler’s Notebook size

4.33″ x 8.25″
110 mm x 210 mm
Personal – Comparable to the personal size Filofax inserts

3.75″ x 6.75″
95 mm x 171 mm
A6 – Shorter but wider than the personal size

4.13″ x 5.83″
105 mm x 148 mm
Common Names: A6
Note: Many people use A6 to describe inserts that are exactly 4″ x 6″, but the exact measurements are listed above
Field Notes – Shorter and slightly narrower than the personal size

3.5″ x 5.5″
89 mm x 140 mm
Passport – Shorter than the Field Notes size but with the same width

3.5″ x 4.8″
89 mm x 122 mm
Common Names: Passport, Pocket, Small
Teeny Tiny – Shorter and narrower than Passport size

2.75″ x 4″
70 mm x 101 mm

Edward and Flora Are Ready for You!

Edward & Flora by Faydra Jones - faydrajones.comSo, these two have taken me a while to list online.

As with all my dolls, they took their own sweet
time to come to life.

But, it’s a bit different than usual…they’ve been waiting on me this time.

Frankly, I wasn’t ready to put them up here quite yet.

While they’re raring to go home, I wasn’t ready to let them  go.

Maybe it has something to do with so many other things I’m letting go of this year…

Such as my kids growing up & some moving out on their own. It’s all good, it really is, but bittersweet…

All these months, I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye to these two special souls…until now. 

I’d like for Edward & Flora to meet you, at last!

You can find them in my etsy shop now.

Here’s a bit more about them…



Flora, the woodland pixie by Faydra Jones - www.faydrajones.com


A wee woodland pixie

Flora has a heart full of love & affection for her family & friends & truly means well – most of the time – but, she’s most known around here for her pranks, such as:

hiding a favorite pen

eating the last 2 cookies in the pantry (I was saving for my special treat, by the way)

or moving my favorite pair of scissors.

Flora, the woodland pixie by Faydra Jones - www.faydrajones.com
Yep. So, when things go missing without explanation or pop up in a different place, my first thought turns toward Miss Flora. She is super good at being adorable and a real stinker at the same time, which reminds me of my kiddos’ toddler days…

*sigh* Pixies never grow up…I suppose they live in a never-ending toddler-hood…

Flora, the woodland pixie by Faydra Jones - www.faydrajones.com

As for some other things you might like to know about Flora…

She looks forward to autumn, it’s her favorite season, but loves her life all year long…

Because being alive all year long is the best thing ever! Especially when there’s cookies to steal, apparently.

She has an amazing ability to find the rarest of mushrooms, both to eat and use medicinally. Since she zoom about anywhere in the time it takes me to pour another glass of iced tea, she travels the world to find them. I appreciate her keeping me well stocked with chaga mushrooms…a shroom I won’t be without.

Flora, the woodland pixie by Faydra Jones - www.faydrajones.com
She has a special connection to butterflies, especially monarchs. I suppose it has something to do with the fact they share similar wings? I have no idea. But, she’s able to talk to them and I love watching them chat together. It’s quite a sight. Thankfully, I was able to get a quick picture of Flora and one of her butterfly friends today.

Flora, the woodland pixie by Faydra Jones - www.faydrajones.com
As with every doll I make, Flora is a one of a kind doll and she will never be duplicated.

Flora’s face is hand sculpted from wool and covered with pure, dark chocolate cotton knit skin. It’s always exciting to see what little being comes to life. Usually, I do have some idea of what I want to doll to look like, but they always have a life of their own and Flora is no exception.

Flora’s facial details are carefully hand embroidered with cotton and silk thread.

She has tiny hand sewn pixie ears.

Her tiny dreadlocks are locks of un-dyed, natural, dark brown-black merino lambswool that I made into a wig. This particular merino wool is some of my very favorite fiber I’ve collected over the years. I bought it freshly shorn from a little ewe lamb, named Diva. Apparently, Diva is a bit of a stinker and gives credit to the saying “the black sheep of the family”. (Before this wool is washed, it looks quite black on the sheep.)

Flora, the woodland pixie by Faydra Jones - www.faydrajones.com

Flora wears special, one of a kind, clothes made from cobweb merino wool felt I made just for her. Dyed in both blue & green, the cobweb felt is light as air and creates an unique fabric for her top and skirt. I also added wool flowers and other embroidered details. Her pants are up-cycled silk with embroidered leaf patch details. She plays hard all around my house, woodlands & world, so patches are frequent.
To help keep her hair in some sort of order, Flora wears her favorite headband. It’s covered with more wool and linen flowers similar to the ones on her cobweb wool top, along with a touch of wee feathers given to her by a few of her bird besties.

Flora, the woodland pixie by Faydra Jones - www.faydrajones.com
Flora prefers to go barefoot, but when she has to wear something on her feet, wee wool Mary Jane shoes are the only option for her. They also have hand stitched wool flower and leaf details.

Flora, the woodland pixie by Faydra Jones - www.faydrajones.com

Her wings are inspired by the Monarch butterfly. I do think that some pixies are related to butterflies, don’t you? They are paper, painted with watercolors and  a multi-step process, then sealed for durability. They are easily removable and attach with linen string straps.

Flora, the woodland pixie by Faydra Jones - www.faydrajones.com

Flora is an 11” armature doll with wire core, wrapped with wool; dark, the cotton knit skin is carefully hand sewn onto the armature body.  Body details are carefully sewn and sculpted. So, she has tiny knees, bottom and belly button!

She can wear many of the clothes designed for the YOSD sized ball-jointed dolls.

She is a one of kind doll intended for adult collectors and mature, sensible, well-behaved older children, ahem. 😉


Edward, a hipster elf by Faydra Jones - http://www.faydrajones.comOh, Edward.

I kinda have an elfie crush on him.

He’s an elf, with his own hipster style, but it’s not intentional.

Edward, a hipster elf by Faydra Jones - http://www.faydrajones.com

Edward doesn’t follow trends. He walks to his own drumbeat or elfster heart or however you want to say it.

Edward, a hipster elf by Faydra Jones - http://www.faydrajones.com

He only likes what he likes because he likes it & that is all there is to it.

Edward usually doesn’t have reason of “why”, it’s just, “it is what it is”.

He doesn’t like the fact that his ears stick out. You know how mean kids can be, right? Apparently, elves can be incredibly cruel about sticky-out ears. (I never knew that, did you?)

I think that terrible teasing he endured has made Edward a better elf, though. He has a heart as big as Texas, truly, and is the most compassionate soul I know.

Edward, a hipster elf by Faydra Jones - http://www.faydrajones.comIt’s funny…Edward is not aware others would label him as a “hipster”, which is the quintessential example of a hipster, don’t ya think? Sssshhh…don’t tell him I said that.

To Edward, he’s just an elf, with his own independent style, he would say, but still just an elf. He stands out from his other elven kin, for sure.

Edward, a hipster elf by Faydra Jones - http://www.faydrajones.com

Edward is usually the quiet one in the group, until he gets to know you. Then, he reveals his true self, full of deep thoughts and a quirky sense of humor. Did I mention I have a elfie crush on him?

Edward, a hipster elf by Faydra Jones - http://www.faydrajones.comHis most treasured worldly possession is the pocket watch his grandfather gave him. I never see him without it attached to his pants or in his hands. Apparently, his great-grandfather found it near an old woodland stream that was once home to some type of special people. I don’t know who they were. When he starts to tell me the story he gets all excited, speaking quickly and it eventually turns into a language I cannot understand. Maybe he will be able to tell you the story. I hope so. If so, will you fill me in? I’m dying to know all the details.

As with every doll I make, Edward is a one of a kind doll and will never be duplicated.

Edward, a hipster elf by Faydra Jones - http://www.faydrajones.comEdward’s face is hand sculpted from wool and covered with warm peach organic cotton knit skin. It’s always exciting to see what little being comes to life. I usually have an idea of what I want to doll to look like, but they always have a life of their own and Edward is no exception.

Edward’s facial details are carefully hand embroidered with cotton and silk thread.

He has tiny elf ears, carefully hand sewn.

His hair is made with mohair fabric and tends to stick out all over the place no matter how Edward fixes it.

Edward wears his favorite knit hat. It’s a hand knit one made with wool, cozy and comfortable.

He never likes to leave lucky scarf behind, either. He knit it himself with handspun yarns, a purple silk and touches of yellow wool dyed with onion skins.

His up-cycled silk shirt is also his “go-to” shirt and prefers to wear it for all his adventures. Edward’s cropped pants are made from up-cycled wool fabric dyed a dark plum.

Edward, a hipster elf by Faydra Jones - http://www.faydrajones.comEdward wears cotton striped socks with his everyday boots, made from dark brown Italian lambskin.

Edward is an 11” armature doll with wire core, wrapped with wool; the cotton knit skin is carefully hand sewn onto the armature body.

He can wear many of the clothes designed for the YOSD sized ball-jointed dolls.

Body details are carefully sewn and sculpted. So, Edward has tiny knees, bottom, belly button and boy parts.

He is a one of kind doll intended for adult collectors and mature, sensible, well-behaved older children, ahem. 😉


June – Hey, How’d That Happen?

The year is flying by & I’m not sure how to keep up. 🙂 Can you relate?
Lots of obstacles for me this year, esp. to make things…oh, life, how you ever surprise/frustrate/hate/love me.
But, I still do it…even when it’s hard or frustrating…I don’t show all my mess ups & mishaps with you…they’re not very pretty to look at. 🙂
If you follow me on instagram (& I hope you do!!) you may have seen some of what I’ve been up to this year…

Wig Making

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[RIGHT NOW] wig prep 💇❤

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Mini Bunny Making

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A wee friend was made today…

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New Faces


Pointillism-ish experiment with crayola markers


Caught Hannah sneaking chocolate

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Busted 🤔 🍫🍫🍫

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Found some long lost treasures


I’ll be back soon with updates on 2 dolls I have ready to go!! 🙂

New Style of Doll – Wool Armature YOSD size


Over the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve been at work on a new size & style of doll. I set out to create a doll that’s easy to pose, along with being a nice size for display – A doll I would love to have. 🙂

After a lot of thinking and some research, I decided to use similar measurements & proportions from the YOSD ball joint doll.

The YOSD dolls are a great size, being a little over 10 inches tall, and there is a plethora of great accessories & clothing available for them all over the internet. While I will continue to make clothes for all of my dolls, you’ll be able to find other new outfits and accessories for your dolls easily. That will be so FUN, don’t ya think?  The online options for these dolls are almost limitless. You can find whatever type of clothing and/or accessory your little heart desires for your doll.

Bangsfringe_or_no_bangsfringe...that_is_the_question....what_do_u_thinkSo, here’s Hannah. She is a prototype I’ve been playing with for weeks now – making sure I like how her armature is working, discovering details that need some tweaking, drafting new clothing patterns, etc.


I wish you could see her in person!

Hannah is sculpted similarly to other dolls I make. Her head and body are made of wool, with a wire armature inside to allow detailed posing, then she’s covered with a cotton knit “skin”. I sculpt wee bottoms and belly buttons, along with knees and elbows on their bodies. Hannah & her future siblings are specifically designed for you, an adult doll collector and not intended as a toy.

hannah doll in my purseHannah is a great traveling buddy. She’s tagged along with me all over town & loves to snuggle down in my purse, peeking out the side of it. I pose her regularly and she’s been played with by numerous dolly gals. 🙂

She esp. enjoyed the doll show we went to a few weeks back too. I was very happy to see her so well received & she almost blushed with all the attention. LOL

More detailed pics and info will be posted soon for you. I can’t wait to show you some of her siblings I’m working on now.

I truly want anything I make to bring you joy, to somehow make your day a little brighter, to connect you with happy memories and/or help create new ones. If you are reading this, thank you. You are probably one of my 5 fans that follow my work and buy from me over & over. I appreciate you more than I can express. You are awesome & I love you. 🙂


Life is Short – Play With Dolls Prints are Ready for You!

Play With Dolls Art Print Faydra Jones 3

Life is Short

Play with Dolls


I had to letter this quote, ya’ll…because, you know, life it short & doll lovers/collectors should play with their special dolls while we still have time, right? 🙂 Yep, you totally get it. I knew you would. I want to make sure I make time for everything I love to do while I’m still here & able.

As usual, I am so inspired from old photographs. This little girl came into being after such inspiration. She & her special dolly, along with the lettering, are painted in watercolPlay With Dolls Art Print Faydra Jones 4or.

I painted this piece intending it to be a notebook cover. So, I scanned the original image & created prints for a few fauxdori style notebooks I’m working on. Well, these Midori Traveler inspired notebooks are more like book-dori’s, actually. I’ll share more about those soon.

After posting pics of the notebooks in progress, I had a lot of requests from you on facebook & instagram to create prints of this painting…

So, here ya go!

Play with Dolls Art Print Faydra Jones 2I carefully scanned & printed my original artwork onto archival, 100% cotton rag paper. Each print is hand cut and “aged”, by hand, with a special, multi-step process & signed by me. 🙂 So, while this is a print, none of them are identical. The hand finishing process makes each one a little different.

They are shipped flat, in a rigid envelope & ready for you to put them in a perfect frame.

There are 3 print sizes to choose from:

8×10 in

5×7 in

2.5×3.5 in mini print and/or magnet

For additional fee, I can mount them onto art board & completely seal them. When finished in this manner, they can be displayed without a frame. They have an especially old world feel – much like old photo cabinet cards of the late 1800-1900’s. They look great propped up on their own, hung on the wall or sitting in a tabletop easel. In the drop down menu below, you’ll see that option to add on to your print order.

Also, the smallest size is available as magnet as well. I mount those similarly to the larger prints & add a magnet on the back. You’ll see that add-on option in the drop down menu as well.

The price includes shipping to USA addresses. If you’re outside the US, I’ll be happy to ship to you. Just make a note when you purchase. I’ll calculate the amount & send you an invoice with the additional shipping cost.Play with Dolls Art Print Faydra Jones 1

Meet Samuel – My First Century Portrait Doll

Baby Boy Undated Photo

Baby Boy Undated Photo

It began as an enchanting picture of an unknown child & became a lovable baby – a wee one, near & dear to my heart.

Samuel Everett II

First, a little “history”…

What first struck me about this picture, besides that kissable face, is his obvious lack of finery & the non-formal pose. It’s a candid snapshot of a moment in his life. I do not know the exact year it was taken, but based on some research; it’s likely around 1910 or so. I also have no idea who he was…but wish I did.

So, he told me…

The baby grasped the thick fabric of his father’s pants, just below the knee. Finally on his feet, he let out a low gurgle as he tottered once and then regained his balance. Samuel Everett I glanced down from his newest camera and smiled at his son.

Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll by Faydra Jones

“Just a minute, Samuel, be patient with Papa while I get this set up for you.” He turned back to the camera, huffed on the lens once and gently wiped the moisture of his breath away with a clean cloth.Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll by Faydra Jones

Unsatisfied with this attention, Baby Sam let go of his father’s leg- and promptly fell, splat, upon his round bottom. His father looked down at him again, but Samuel’s diapered bottom helped to break his fall. Crawling, his gown bunched up with his efforts, but his leggings protected him from the rough, hand hewn oak boards. He reached for the leg of the table and triumphantly pulled himself back up to his soft booted feet.

Samuel knew he needed to work quickly; his son was showing signs of a delayed nap time. His wife would return soon from the market and take Samuel upstairs to sleep.

Baby Sam looked up at his papa and babbled – loudly – something important, but Samuel didn’t seem to hear him.

Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll by Faydra Jones

Baby Samuel repeated his loud thoughts, but was quickly swept up in his daddy’s arms & placed gently onto a cool, smooth surface. Instantly, he discovered how nice it felt to touch it and loved how his chubby hand made such funny sounds when he slapped it.

Samuel looked up when he heard his papa’s voice. Papa began to make funny faces at him and funny noises too.Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll by Faydra Jones

Oh, how Baby Sam loved his daddy and usually enjoyed his attentions, but this time he wasn’t sure this was fun anymore.

Another voice trickled into the studio…


The tears began instantly and the tiredness overwhelmed his tiny body.

Softness enveloped him & he clung to it…

“There, there, sweet boy, Mama’s here…”


Samuel Everett II is made of natural materials & lots of love. His skin is Swiss tricot and I carefully stuffed him with clean, carded American wool. His body is weighted with fine glass beads, carefully encased in well sewn bags. His hair is brushed mohair and can be carefully combed.

When you look hiSamuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll by Faydra Jonesm over, you’ll find many sculpted details such as his belly button, a wee bottom, elbows & knees, along with his ears that stick out a bit. Samuel is all boy, with all his parts intact.

He weighs in at 1 lb 11oz/ .77 kg and is 15/35.5 cm inches long.

As you can see in his picture, Samuel was a perfect model – always available to help Papa, well, that is when he wasn’t napping, as well an incredibly beautiful child. In the photograph he wears one of his day gowns – a plain & sturdy gown designed for ease of diaper changing & to fit a fast growing baby for some time. His leggings protected his legs from all the rough surfaces he crawled on, as well as kept his chubby, little legs warm. His boots are perfect for an older baby, one learning to walk, as the sole was made from a soft leather, similar to the uppers. So, Samuel could easily pull up and cruise around low furniture and his Papa’s legs without slipping in his stocking feet.

I’ve dressed Samuel in his day gown, made from unbleached cotton muslin. It buttons up the back and closes with hand sewn loops.

He wears a cloth diaper and there may or may not a present for you…one can never tell, until you pick him up.Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll Boot by Faydra Jones

His leggings are cotton knit fabric and cover the entire span of his chubby legs.

He wears boots, of course. They’re made with a very soft lambskin with obsidian bead buttons. I drafted these boots especially for Samuel’s chubby feet. The button holes are hand stitched. I was greatly inspired & helped by carefully studying a pair of 100 year Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait repro by Faydra Jonesold baby boots a dear friend gave me. I just love them!

Samuel comes with a copy of his portrait photo. I used archival papers and supplies, so it will last as long as Samuel. I used several techniques to carefully simulate its’ age, again being inspired from other old photos from this era. His parlor photograph is sealed well and quite durable.

And last, but not least, is his cotton flannel red striped, blankie. Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll by Faydra JonesHe loves to be cuddled in it when he’s sleepy.

Samuel Everett II is not designed for young children. He is perfect for older children and adult collector.


Click here to see all of Samuel’s photos.  I have a ton of them. 🙂

Samuel will available for purchase June 3, 2015 pm 12 noon CST

Update: Samuel has found his home! 🙂

Samuel Everett – The First Doll in Century My Portrait Collection

Samuel Everett Portrait Doll by Faydra Jones

Samuel Everett Portrait Doll by Faydra Jones

Lots of new things abound around here…(I’ll share it all with you soon, promise!)
But, Samuel Everett doesn’t care.
He doesn’t care his clothes aren’t finished….
He wouldn’t care if I didn’t diaper him either….
& he’s right…well…diaper is kinda important, but you know what I mean, right?
I need to remember not to worry over the small stuff…like wee Samuel. 🙂

My Newest Work

Samuel Everett II2015-04-28 12.04.17

He is extra special to me.

Because Samuel is “THE” first of “A” first, I suppose.

However, I didn’t consider that fact, until I began to write this post. Samuel is the first doll in my new Century Portraits collection, inspired old pictures and portraits. I’m working on other dolls inspired by other eras as well, so watch for those dolls coming over the following months.

Creating an entire collection of dolls inspired by portraits & pictures has been germinating in my mind for quite some time. I’ve always loved creating dolls based on book characters or other forms of art, including photographs.

Over the last year, I have spent more time consciously and purposefully thinking about what I truly loved about making things and especially, doll making. What things do I love making? What inspires me? What really lights my creativity on fire? One important thing I realized is that I must follow my heart, even if it doesn’t always seem like the most logical step. Do you know what I mean? J

I am a huge history buff and love reading historic literature, studying old photos and art. I’ve always been drawn to old photographs, frequently tossed carelessly on shelves in junk & antique stores. So, it shouldn’t be any surprise to me or anyone who knows me, that the Century Portrait Collection is really just a natural progression of my life-long loves.

Will you join me? I would love to share more of my newest work with you, Samuel Everett II.

I’ll be back soon with his story…


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