Play With Dolls Art Print Faydra Jones 3

Life is Short

Play with Dolls


I had to letter this quote, ya’ll…because, you know, life it short & doll lovers/collectors should play with their special dolls while we still have time, right? 🙂 Yep, you totally get it. I knew you would. I want to make sure I make time for everything I love to do while I’m still here & able.

As usual, I am so inspired from old photographs. This little girl came into being after such inspiration. She & her special dolly, along with the lettering, are painted in watercolPlay With Dolls Art Print Faydra Jones 4or.

I painted this piece intending it to be a notebook cover. So, I scanned the original image & created prints for a few fauxdori style notebooks I’m working on. Well, these Midori Traveler inspired notebooks are more like book-dori’s, actually. I’ll share more about those soon.

After posting pics of the notebooks in progress, I had a lot of requests from you on facebook & instagram to create prints of this painting…

So, here ya go!

Play with Dolls Art Print Faydra Jones 2I carefully scanned & printed my original artwork onto archival, 100% cotton rag paper. Each print is hand cut and “aged”, by hand, with a special, multi-step process & signed by me. 🙂 So, while this is a print, none of them are identical. The hand finishing process makes each one a little different.

They are shipped flat, in a rigid envelope & ready for you to put them in a perfect frame.

There are 3 print sizes to choose from:

8×10 in

5×7 in

2.5×3.5 in mini print and/or magnet

For additional fee, I can mount them onto art board & completely seal them. When finished in this manner, they can be displayed without a frame. They have an especially old world feel – much like old photo cabinet cards of the late 1800-1900’s. They look great propped up on their own, hung on the wall or sitting in a tabletop easel. In the drop down menu below, you’ll see that option to add on to your print order.

Also, the smallest size is available as magnet as well. I mount those similarly to the larger prints & add a magnet on the back. You’ll see that add-on option in the drop down menu as well.

The price includes shipping to USA addresses. If you’re outside the US, I’ll be happy to ship to you. Just make a note when you purchase. I’ll calculate the amount & send you an invoice with the additional shipping cost.Play with Dolls Art Print Faydra Jones 1