Baby Boy Undated Photo

Baby Boy Undated Photo

It began as an enchanting picture of an unknown child & became a lovable baby – a wee one, near & dear to my heart.

Samuel Everett II

First, a little “history”…

What first struck me about this picture, besides that kissable face, is his obvious lack of finery & the non-formal pose. It’s a candid snapshot of a moment in his life. I do not know the exact year it was taken, but based on some research; it’s likely around 1910 or so. I also have no idea who he was…but wish I did.

So, he told me…

The baby grasped the thick fabric of his father’s pants, just below the knee. Finally on his feet, he let out a low gurgle as he tottered once and then regained his balance. Samuel Everett I glanced down from his newest camera and smiled at his son.

Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll by Faydra Jones

“Just a minute, Samuel, be patient with Papa while I get this set up for you.” He turned back to the camera, huffed on the lens once and gently wiped the moisture of his breath away with a clean cloth.Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll by Faydra Jones

Unsatisfied with this attention, Baby Sam let go of his father’s leg- and promptly fell, splat, upon his round bottom. His father looked down at him again, but Samuel’s diapered bottom helped to break his fall. Crawling, his gown bunched up with his efforts, but his leggings protected him from the rough, hand hewn oak boards. He reached for the leg of the table and triumphantly pulled himself back up to his soft booted feet.

Samuel knew he needed to work quickly; his son was showing signs of a delayed nap time. His wife would return soon from the market and take Samuel upstairs to sleep.

Baby Sam looked up at his papa and babbled – loudly – something important, but Samuel didn’t seem to hear him.

Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll by Faydra Jones

Baby Samuel repeated his loud thoughts, but was quickly swept up in his daddy’s arms & placed gently onto a cool, smooth surface. Instantly, he discovered how nice it felt to touch it and loved how his chubby hand made such funny sounds when he slapped it.

Samuel looked up when he heard his papa’s voice. Papa began to make funny faces at him and funny noises too.Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll by Faydra Jones

Oh, how Baby Sam loved his daddy and usually enjoyed his attentions, but this time he wasn’t sure this was fun anymore.

Another voice trickled into the studio…


The tears began instantly and the tiredness overwhelmed his tiny body.

Softness enveloped him & he clung to it…

“There, there, sweet boy, Mama’s here…”


Samuel Everett II is made of natural materials & lots of love. His skin is Swiss tricot and I carefully stuffed him with clean, carded American wool. His body is weighted with fine glass beads, carefully encased in well sewn bags. His hair is brushed mohair and can be carefully combed.

When you look hiSamuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll by Faydra Jonesm over, you’ll find many sculpted details such as his belly button, a wee bottom, elbows & knees, along with his ears that stick out a bit. Samuel is all boy, with all his parts intact.

He weighs in at 1 lb 11oz/ .77 kg and is 15/35.5 cm inches long.

As you can see in his picture, Samuel was a perfect model – always available to help Papa, well, that is when he wasn’t napping, as well an incredibly beautiful child. In the photograph he wears one of his day gowns – a plain & sturdy gown designed for ease of diaper changing & to fit a fast growing baby for some time. His leggings protected his legs from all the rough surfaces he crawled on, as well as kept his chubby, little legs warm. His boots are perfect for an older baby, one learning to walk, as the sole was made from a soft leather, similar to the uppers. So, Samuel could easily pull up and cruise around low furniture and his Papa’s legs without slipping in his stocking feet.

I’ve dressed Samuel in his day gown, made from unbleached cotton muslin. It buttons up the back and closes with hand sewn loops.

He wears a cloth diaper and there may or may not a present for you…one can never tell, until you pick him up.Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll Boot by Faydra Jones

His leggings are cotton knit fabric and cover the entire span of his chubby legs.

He wears boots, of course. They’re made with a very soft lambskin with obsidian bead buttons. I drafted these boots especially for Samuel’s chubby feet. The button holes are hand stitched. I was greatly inspired & helped by carefully studying a pair of 100 year Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait repro by Faydra Jonesold baby boots a dear friend gave me. I just love them!

Samuel comes with a copy of his portrait photo. I used archival papers and supplies, so it will last as long as Samuel. I used several techniques to carefully simulate its’ age, again being inspired from other old photos from this era. His parlor photograph is sealed well and quite durable.

And last, but not least, is his cotton flannel red striped, blankie. Samuel Everett II - Century Portrait Doll by Faydra JonesHe loves to be cuddled in it when he’s sleepy.

Samuel Everett II is not designed for young children. He is perfect for older children and adult collector.


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Samuel will available for purchase June 3, 2015 pm 12 noon CST

Update: Samuel has found his home! 🙂