Samuel Everett II2015-04-28 12.04.17

He is extra special to me.

Because Samuel is “THE” first of “A” first, I suppose.

However, I didn’t consider that fact, until I began to write this post. Samuel is the first doll in my new Century Portraits collection, inspired old pictures and portraits. I’m working on other dolls inspired by other eras as well, so watch for those dolls coming over the following months.

Creating an entire collection of dolls inspired by portraits & pictures has been germinating in my mind for quite some time. I’ve always loved creating dolls based on book characters or other forms of art, including photographs.

Over the last year, I have spent more time consciously and purposefully thinking about what I truly loved about making things and especially, doll making. What things do I love making? What inspires me? What really lights my creativity on fire? One important thing I realized is that I must follow my heart, even if it doesn’t always seem like the most logical step. Do you know what I mean? J

I am a huge history buff and love reading historic literature, studying old photos and art. I’ve always been drawn to old photographs, frequently tossed carelessly on shelves in junk & antique stores. So, it shouldn’t be any surprise to me or anyone who knows me, that the Century Portrait Collection is really just a natural progression of my life-long loves.

Will you join me? I would love to share more of my newest work with you, Samuel Everett II.

I’ll be back soon with his story…